Talking about the purchase and composition of post-modern chandeliers

Talking about the purchase and composition of post-modern chandeliers

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The living room is a place for us to relax, entertain, and so on, so we must pay special attention to all aspects of decoration. However, for the decoration of the living room, the more important point is the choice and matching of the post-modern chandelier. Due to the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic consciousness, today's chandelier styles are also complicated. The price of post-modern chandeliers is one of the topics that every consumer is very concerned about.

What is the size of the standard post-modern chandelier? When calculating the size of the post-modern chandelier, whether the living room is ruled or not, the height and diameter of the chandelier are calculated according to the height and diameter. Of course, the specific size of the post-modern chandelier depends on the specific product. The lighting brand is an important reason. Especially for ceiling lamps, good quality allows the lighting and home layout to be integrated. Therefore, most designers will recommend the top ten brands of ceiling lamps, perfect after-sales maintenance and quality assurance, which is what every consumer expects. Chinese style ancient style, modern pastoral style. Loved by people who are casual, unrestrained, and free and easy. So when you buy a modern chandelier, be sure to choose the chandelier according to your personal preferences and decoration style. Don't blindly choose.


Clear goals and avoid blind consumption. Nobility and elegance are people's pursuit of beauty. When many different styles of crystal lamps are placed in front of the eyes, consumers will inevitably be dazzled. Therefore, in order to avoid blind consumption, before buying, clarify the quantity of your purchase and rational consumption. safety. Different materials, when choosing, try to choose materials that are not easy to damage. At the same time as the long service life, it also avoids harm to itself. It will not affect the lighting effect.

To understand the composition of the chandelier, the lamps have different powers, the size is different, and each has its own corresponding power drive. For example, the 3W retro-modern chandelier needs to have a stable output of 3W to drive the internal structure of the modern chandelier. No need to pay attention, you can take a look at it if you are interested, it is very simple. The 3W retro-modern chandelier is a parallel of three 1W small lamps. General drives and post-modern chandeliers have a fixed interface. The post-modern chandelier is not lit, the reason is not to say anything else (not to say no electricity), 220v household electricity in the case of electricity, if it is not lit, it is either the drive is broken or the led light itself is broken. So get a good drive and try the modern chandelier. The rear modern chandeliers are on the ceiling, we need a small ladder or stool to get close to it, but how to remove it.

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